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Oysters with Garlic Vermicelli

Selected high-quality half-shell oysters, paired with smooth vermicelli, the entrance is full and moist, fresh and tender, rich garlic taste, moderately salty, and endless aftertaste! The way to eat is fast, convenient and efficient, suitable for all kinds of restaurants and family tables!

Oysters with Garlic Vermicelli

Half shell oysters, water, vermicelli, oil, garlic, edible vegetable oil, chili, coriander.

Cooking Methods

Take this product without thawing, remove the packaging, put the oysters in the container, put it in the steamer of SAIC, steam for 6-7 minutes, take it out, pour a little vegetable oil around 220°C one by one, and put it on the plate (the container is different and suitable Adjust the steaming time).

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