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Sea Urchin Dumplings

The delicious sea urchin filling is golden and plump, fresh and delicious, leaving the lips and teeth fresh in every bite. Hand-made, delicate and exquisite, gently bite down, the soup overflows in the mouth, full of delicious flavor.

Sea Urchin Dumplings

Sea urchin filling (sea urchin meat, pork, water, eggs, brewed soy sauce, edible salt, food additives (sodium alginate, sodium glutamate, 5ˊ-disodium nucleotide)), wheat flour, water, starch, egg white, Edible salt, Edible lard.

Cooking Methods

1. Put clean water in the pot, add a little salt, and boil until boiling; 2. No need to defrost, put the dumplings in boiling water and stir gently; 3. When the water boils, the dumplings naturally float, add a little cold water, and water again Just open it.

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