Corporation Profile - ASIASEA
Global Standardized Marine Food Industry Supplier and Solution Provider

ASIASEA Group, founded in 2002, leading standardized marine food industry supplier. Relate to industrial chain development and supply chain superiority, ASIASEA provides professional solutions for global catering, wholesale, and retail.ASIASEA Group business covers a wide range of RM purchasing, standardized R&D and processing, cold-chain storage and logistics, marketing, e-commerce sales, and so on.

Corporate Location
Rooted in Dalian enjoy the unique marine resources

The headquarter of ASIASEA is located in the world recognized high-quality seafood producing area-Dalian, China, located at 39 north latitude. Dalian is a ecological and livable city that is known by its unique culture, delicious food and marine fishery. The area is abundant with high-quality seafood such as sea cucumber, abalone, scallop which became advantageous resources for ASIASEA.

The ASIASEA headquarter is set at the Century Harbor and Xianglujiao logistic district which faces the dock to the north and Dalian Port to the east. And surrounded by Fortune global 500 companies such as METRO, Wal-Mart Sam's Club etc.

Main Business
Full Supply Chain Business

With a mature business model and the industrial chain advantages on the efficient remodeling of industrial chain, ASIASEA can completely replicate and create a catering and food industry cluster covering all categories

  • Professional Catering Solutions

    Our service content: full range of marine food catering material service.Our service object: catering and relevant industry professional businesses
  • Cold Chain Logistics

    Multi-temperature Logistics Distribution
  • R&D/Production/Sales of Standardized Products

    R&D, Production and Sales of Fast Food in Family Scene
Professional Team
Efficient Team of "Trust, Diligence and Strive"

According to our corporate strategy, we value all employees, invest in their training and development, encourage and nurture their ideas, so we have created a loyal, professional, and talented workforce.

  • MSC/ASC certification

    MSC and ASC production and marketing chain of custody certification guarantee the raw materials from the transparent and global raw material resource sharing.
  • Food Safety Management System Certification

    FSSC 22000 & ISO 22000